Soho Green champions St Anne’s Churchyard in Soho. The charity worked with Westminster City Council to transform the space from a no-go area to the haven it is now. Soho Green created The Wall of Light, the Art Loo and the Big Table. But most of all the charity inspired and part funded a safe, clean open space for all of Soho to enjoy. See the slide shows below to find out more.

Wall of Light

Architect: The Architecture Ensemble

wall of light image

Art Loo

Architect: The Architecture Ensemble, Artist: Elaine Duigenan

art loo image


Designed and built by David Colwell

table image

The Garden

transformation image



You can find Soho Green on Wardour Street in Soho, just between Shaftesbury Avenue and Old Compton Street.

It is open all week during the day, so please do come and visit.